Wedding Ring Weights . . .


We have three standard weight ranges for our wedding rings; classic, extra heavy and super heavy weight. These describe a comparison in the overall weight and thickness (gauge) of a range of wedding rings.

The actual gram weights of rings are indicated on our product pages which can be used to directly compare our rings with rings that you may see in a shop. Some descriptions of wedding rings may be the same in other shops but the specifications of the rings may be quite different and obtaining the gram weight from the retailer will enable you to judge if the rings would look and feel the same and offer the same value for money. All jewellers should be able to give you the weight of their rings without hesitation and caution should be given where retailers make it diifficult to obtain this information easily.

Below are the average thicknesses (gauges) of our plain wedding rings, which are intended as a guide only. Slight variation will occur depending upon the profile shaping and finger size of the ring chosen.




Ring profile      Classic     

 Extra Heavy 

Super Heavy    
'D' Shape 1.1mm 1.5mm 1.9mm    
Court Shape 1.4mm 1.9mm 2.4mm    
Cushion Court Shape 1.3mm 1.7mm 2.1mm    
Flat Shape 1.0mm 1.3mm 1.5mm    
Flat Court Shape 1.4mm 1.9mm 2.3mm    



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