Wedding Rings

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For many people this may be the only jewellery item that they will wear or even own and yet it will be the most precious. It is therefore important that it is purchased with care and consideration.

All of our plain wedding rings as well almost all of our patterned wedding rings and stone set wedding rings are made from engineered cut tube (milled). They are then hand sized, hand prepared and hand polished by ourselves. By making the wedding rings ourselves we have full control over every aspect of production and design as well as being able to offer fantastic prices. Please contact us if you would like any further information.



The range of patterns presents a selection of the most fashionable and popular lines. New patterns are regularly added throughout the season.



The choice of widths offered is greater than is normally offered by most other wedding ring retailers and includes widths from 2mm to 12mm.

Widths not available as standard on our website can be made to special order.  Please contact us if you see a ring on our website that you would like to have made in a different width.



We have four profiles of wedding ring available:

  • The 'D' style wedding ring is a ring that is characterised by the cross-sectional profile. That is to say the outer face of the ring is curved and the inner face is flat like a capital 'D'. This is an economical representation of the more traditional form, the 'Court' style wedding ring.
  • The Court style, sometimes known as a Comfort Fit, is the contemporary profile used on ring shanks since ancient times. This style of wedding ring has a curved inner and outer surface and gives a totally different feel in its comfort with less irritation to the skin where in contact with the inside of the ring.
  • The Cushion Court style, is similar to the standard court syle above but is much less curved. It is sometimes referred to as a "Slight Court" or "Double Comfort Court". The difference with this style is that the curved outer and inner surfaces are flatter in curvature with rounded edges as well. This style is especially suited to match up with engagement rings that may have only a slightly curved profile. It is also popular with people who aren't looking for a completely flat profile and who also would like a ring that is not so noticeably rounded in look.
  • The Flat style wedding ring is a ring that is typified by the cross-sectional profile where the outer and inner face of the ring is flat. This is an economical representation of the more conventional form, the 'Flat Court' or Flat Comfort style wedding ring.
  • The Flat Court Style, sometimes known as a Flat Comfort Fit, is a style of wedding ring which has a curved inner surface and a flat outer face. As with the standard 'Court' style this gives a totally different feel in its comfort when compared to a ring with a flat internal surface.

In summary, for its comfort when worn the curved profile of the ‘Court’, ‘Flat Court’ and 'Cushion Court' style ring is recommended.


Other Profiles:

We are able to make many other different profiles to suit peoples requirements.  Other standard profiles we do which can be seen on some of our patterned and stone set designs are Halo (round in section), Bevelled Edge FlatConcave and Knife Edge.  If you are looking for something specific for instance to exactly match with an engagement ring then please contact us.


Alloy/Metal Type and Weight:

The last two considerations to be made before your wedding ring ‘design’ is complete is to decide upon the alloy you wish to have and the weight, which to a certain degree is controlled by the size of ring required.

Most people already have a preference to which colour metal they wish to wear for their wedding ring, although it could be determined by the colour of an engagement ring that is already worn or by a choice in a ‘his and hers’ matching set.

Choose a colour metal that suits you. Perhaps you decide this because it is fashionable, or because it suits your complexion or because of the style and manner in which you dress.

If you decide on a ‘his and hers’ matching set, give a thought to having say, a 3mm wide band for her and a 5mm wide band for him. Alternatively, they may be paired as 4mm and 6mm or 6mm and 8mm. Often these selected pairs may be governed by the style of pattern but remember even though you may wish to have both as white gold they need not be the same carat and could be 9ct white for him and 18ct for her or even palladium and platinum.

Our large database of products will present the details of the selected ring with photo images for you to consider. After you have reviewed the details select your ring size you require from the drop down and then add to your shopping basket.



Size of wedding rings illustrated in the plain section are generally size M. Variations of the overall appearancemust be considered if a size chosen is different from those illustrated. On ‘His & Hers’ pattern and stone set selections, rings are generally sized gentleman’s size T and ladies size M. supply plain wedding rings sized in increments of half size graduations within the following standard ranges in yellow, white, rose gold and silver wedding rings:

  • classic weight wedding ring -  D to Z
  • extra heavy weight wedding ring - D to Z+3
  • super heavy weight wedding ring -  D to Z+12

And in platinum wedding rings and palladium wedding rings:

  • classic weight wedding ring -  D to Z
  • extra heavy weight wedding ring - D to Z+3
  • super heavy weight wedding ring -  D to Z+12

Sizes outside of these ranges may be available to special order only using the contact form.

All wedding rings are supplied as follows:

  • for 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm wide bands -  size as measured by gauge leading edge
  • for 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm wide bands -  size as measured by gauge plus ½ a size, leading edge
  • for 9mm 10mm and 12mm wide bands  -  size as measured by gauge plus 1 size, leading edge

Important! Do not make these allowances on your order, as will automatically do this for you.

If a wide band is selected please ensure sufficient space allows between the web of the fingers and the internal bend of the first knuckle subtracting the width of any other ring to be worn on the same finger.

If you are wearing your wedding ring next to another ring be sure to measure the finger with the other ring still on. It is important that you use the measuring gauge even if you think you know the size of the ring it is being worn against.

Measure the ring finger with a gauge not exceeding 5mm wide and order as measured by the gauge ensuring the gauge sizer also slips over the knuckle. To check your ring finger size click here.

An adjustable plastic finger-size measuring gauge is supplied with the primary order for use to recheck finger size and for use with further purchases from us.


Weight & Tolerance:

All specified weights are approximately accurate but we reserve the right to supply items within an acceptable trade tolerance; this being 0.2 gram for each item less than 2 gram and 10% of the specified weight over 2 grams. Much of this tolerance variation occurs due to finger size differences or surface area cut by patterns.

Band widths quoted are nominal dimensions and an acceptable allowance of plus or minus 0.5mm may be expected.

It may be necessary in extreme circumstances to supply a similar product of equal or superior specification where the item requested is not available at the time of order.


White Gold and Silver Alloys:

An assortment of white precious and base metals are used to bleach gold white.

For alloys used by us, to achieve 9 carat white, silver is added and for 14 and 18 carat white, palladium is added.

Our white gold alloys conform to the appropriate section of the EU Directive 94/27/EC, parts EN1811 and EN 12472 regarding nickel content.

All white gold is actually off-white in colour. Most sterling silver, 9, 14 and 18ct white gold items are enhanced by Rhodium plating to give a brighter reflective surface, however in time this wears off and may need re-plating should you require. The speed at which this wears off varies and is much quicker with wedding rings that experience wear over their entire surface as they turn around on the finger. With rings such as solitaires the wear tends to start off on the palm side of the ring shank where abrasions will be most focussed.

The nature of 9ct white gold and sterling silver with its alloy constituents means that it can tarnish under certain conditions and some people maybe more susceptible to this than others. Certain foodstuffs, chemicals and cleaning products can cause surface tarnishing, this can however be easily removed with a jewellery cleaning cloth or solution. This is not a defect in the materials but simply a result of certain substances naturally reacting with 9ct white gold or the sterling silver. Items that are kept clean and cared for are less likely to experience this. If this is something you have experienced in the past or is of concern we recommend having an item which is made of a higher carat gold, palladium or platinum. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.


Nickel Conformity:

Our metal alloys conform to the appropriate section of the EU Directive 94/27/EC, parts EN1811 and EN 12472 regarding nickel content. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further or have a question regarding a particular product.


Fineness of our metals:

9 carat is 37.5% pure gold (375) combined with varying percentage mixes of silver and other base metals depending on alloy colour.

14 carat is 58.5% pure gold (585) combined with varying percentage mixes of other base metals depending on alloy colour.

18 carat is 75% pure gold (750) combined with varying percentage mixes of other precious and base metals depending on alloy colour.

22 carat is 91.6% pure gold (916) combined with varying percentage mixes of other base metals depending on alloy colour.

Platinum is 95% pure (950) comprising over 95% platinum and up to 5% other metals, usually ruthenium.

Palladium is available in two alloy purities 950 and 500. 950 Palladium is 95% pure comprising over 95% Palladium and up to 5% other metals, usually Ruthenium. 500 Palladium is 50% pure comprising over 50% Palladium and up to 50% Silver.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure (925) combined with varying percentage mixes of other base metals. We often use instead of Sterling Silver a superior Argentium 958 Brittania Silver alloy to make our wedding rings which is 95.8% pure, having the added benefit of being a low tarnish alloy.


Matt and Hammered Finishes:

Our wedding rings are available as standard in a polished finish (shiny) or an alternative matt finish (brushed look). The matt finish is available for free. Some patterned and stone set ring designs are shown in a matt finish or a combination of matt and polished, simply select your finger size first then pick your choice of finish in the dropdown.

We are also able to give most rings other finishes such as hammered, sparkle, sandblast and distressed/worn as well as many other styles to special order. Please contact us if you would like an alternative finish along with the details of the ring you would like. Prices start from £10.

Here are some examples of alternative finishes, the ring shown is a 5mm wide flat wedding ring:


Finish Brushed Matt Finish Brushed Hammered Finish Stardust Coarse
Brushed Matt (Free) Hammered Matt (from £30) Stardust (£20)




Free Personalised Engravings:

We can engrave the inside of our wedding rings with letters, numbers and standard symbols up to a maximum of 40 characters, this is currently being offered for free (the standard cost is £20). We can engrave in a script or block font as you require. Specific fonts can be engraved, please contact us for details.

We can engrave the outside of wedding rings as well as engraving other symbols and languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, please contact us for a quote. Standard outside engraving starts from £30.

Occasionally because of the limited space available to engrave on certain stone set and patterned designs, engravings may need to be done in block on these rings and may have other limitations.  Should this be necessary or if there is a problem with the desired engraving we will contact you after ordering and prior to engraving a ring.

Please allow an additional 5 working days dispatch time for engraved items.

We are able to make size adjustments and other amendments to an engraved ring should a ring not fit. Please note that items with personalised engravings are excluded from our normal returns policy. This does not affect your statutory rights. For more information see our Terms and Condition or please contact us if you have any questions.

Here are some engraving examples, the yellow gold ring has script engraving and the platinum ring has block font engraving:


Wedding Ring Engraving Examples